The camera that started it all...

As a premier photographer in the Santa Barbara region, Lance is an accomplished artist with an eye for beauty. Starting as a hobby in 1996 with a secondhand Canon AE-1, his progress through the years can be traced back to a family tradition of photographers, dating back to the 1930s when his grandfather, Phillip B. Arro, first started into personal films and family portraits. Fast forward 80 years and two generations later and that long line of photographic passion continues to this day. Working first as a photojournalist, primarily shooting sports, Lance later progressed into event photography with an emphasis on nightlife captures, and in 2012 he started a graphic design and media firm that turned his focus towards advertising and product photography. Today, Lance has cultivated a portfolio of work from around the world that has finally brought him to his ultimate passion as a destination wedding photographer.

Bringing together years of experience and knowledge, both theoretical and practical, Lance is well adapted for a multitude of challenges that weddings often bring. Capturing art and beauty in a way that tells a compelling story.

"There's magic in it. People tell me I have a gift, but to me it is mere expression. The camera is an extension of my own vision, I passionately want others to be able to see the world the way I do. There is so much beauty in it; the people, the places--the world fascinates me."

- Lance Chu -